Kitchen design

The Golden Touch of European Sophistication

It’s impossible for Anna Popov to show up as ordinary. She’s spent her entire life living and traveling throughout the entire world, and for her, there’s simply no greater passion than helping people live at the intersection of function and sophistication. 

As an architectural interior design studio, Interiors by Popov has earned well-deserved acclaim for introducing European sophistication to North American homes. Attention to detail, function and aesthetics are just three of the design tools Anna shows up with, and she’s always asking one overarching question: How can I make a space both stunning and incredibly functional?
To answer that question, she uses a process called the ByPopov Roadmap to keep her clients fully involved from start to finish and enable her team to balance function and beauty. “For us, it’s one thing to imagine something, but it’s another thing to be able to bring it to life,” she says. 

“We have a very unique set of skills, and we deliver creative, non-conventional and unique design solutions. Our spaces stand out with design elements like smart storage, hidden pantries, ergonomic customization. This is what gets us from the pretty sketches on paper to stunning interiors, and it’s what allows our clients to feel like they have a piece of Europe in their own home.”