White and Light

Photos by: Novikov Arts

Property: Entire House

Style: Transitional

Scope: Renovation with a Large Addition


  • Create a comfortable living space for a family of five using a light and neutral palette
  • Develop a cohesive design vision between the existing house and the new addition
  • Maximize connection to nature and capitalize on the view
  • Create functional sleeping quarters for three young boys
  • Create functional, restorative primary bedroom suite, as well as the guest bedroom suite
  • Focus on functional and playful common areas to accommodate an active family lifestyle


  • Extensive use of light finishes throughout for a neutral and monochrome design palette
  • Artful use of tonal layers and textures within a monochromatic setting
  • Custom-designed windows and kitchen cabinetry crafted to maximize the awe-inspiring view
  • Calm and fresh ambience flowing consistently throughout the space