Design Inspiration
December 8, 2022

IBP Holiday Gift Guide 2022

By: Anna Popov

Design Inspiration
December 8, 2022

IBP Holiday Gift Guide 2022

By: Anna Popov

December is upon us, and we are sharing some of our favorite gifts for this holiday season. If you need some ideas for those people in your life that appreciate good design and the impact it can have on your day, or you need a pick me up of your own, then this list of IBP approved gifts is for you!

‘Minimalist design and so versatile. You can use it as a table lamp, or a floor lamp, or a spotlight for example. You can highlight an architectural feature or backlight a beautiful sculpture or a plant. I can come up with infinite use case scenarios for this beauty. And on top of everything is super functional: rotate, up-light, downlight, dim – this lamp has it all.’

The versatile Beam Table Lamp, designed by Tom Chung for Muuto is compact in size, has an adjustable head, rotating base and built-in dimmer knob so you can adjust the volume of light with the turn of a dial. It can illuminate objects and spaces in two directions by providing dimmable light from both ends of its cylinder-shaped head. This beautifully made, modern lamp is top of the list.

‘My family has given each other Pendleton blankets as a tradition over the years. They're sort of keepsake gifts that we have for generations. Pendleton is also a Pacific Northwest company from Portland, OR where I lived for six years, so will always remind me of that place.’

This gorgeous blanket is made from pure wool and napped for a softer, thicket feel. It is part of Pendleton’s National Parks collection and woven right here in their Pacific Northwest Mills. The design and colors pay homage to the Olympic National Park here in WA with its rugged coastlines, forests, and glacier capped alpine peaks. What a beauty.

‘Who doesn’t want to add a fun element to the house during holiday season? The organic shape creates four small lakes on my table!

This set of four sculptural, mirrored acrylic coasters brings a quirky element and a talking point at any dinner party. Don’t we usually wipe up spills on the table? Not these ones!

‘The Always Pan is a staple in many households! I love the versatility that one pan can offer! Not to mention the modern design and being available in so many fun colors. It's the perfect gift for those who love to cook and for beginners!’

This do-it-all wonder pan is light-weight, compatible with all cooktops, and finished with a ceramic coating free of toxins. It is designed to replace eight traditional pieces of cookware and comes in an array of fun, modern colors. It’s a total win!

‘Who doesn't love a nice cozy throw to curl up with? This one fits IBP's requirements of function, aesthetic, and quality. With those elements combined how could it not be a fantastic gift?’

This perfect Belgian throw is pretty enough to act as an accent textile, comfy enough to keep you warm on a cold night and made well enough to last a lifetime. The blanket is stonewashed which gives it that soft-textured, lived-in look and comes in gorgeous complimentary colors. To top it off it is machine washable and a breeze to take care of. The perfect no hassle present.

‘As someone who loves to propagate my plants, this vase set is great for any plant lover. When not in use for propagation, this vase is beautiful by itself.'

This case is composed of 2 parts, the plate and the vase, making taking care of your plants so much easier. The plate supports the growing leaves, while the roots can extend into the water that makes propagating plant babies a breeze. It is also perfectly shaped for bulbs like hyacinths or even an avocado seed. Use with the plate for growing leaves like herbs or without as a flower vase. So versatile.

‘I have given this candle as a gift many times and it is always a hit. Not everyone likes strong scents and I have heard so many people say that burning candles can give them a headache and this eliminates that altogether. It is a unique way to create ambient light with a modern flair.’

This stunning steel and glass beauty is the candle that never melts. It is a real, clean burning flame and can be relit thousands of times, over and over again hence the name, everlasting! This is the perfect solution for those who want a drip free, smoke free and scent free ambiance in their home all in a neat, minimalistic design. We love it.

‘I love how the cold metal material brings light and warmth. Such a poetic design on the go!

This battery powered, portable table lamp has a distinctive silhouette inspired by old lamps used during mining. It is made from powder-coated metal and glass with a practical top handle that makes it easy to carry the lamp to wherever you need a soft, muted glow. With a dimmable design and two modern colors, this lamp can complement almost any interior design scheme.  

‘The Kaweco Fountain Pen, the Helvetica notebook band and the Romeo Notebook are by far my favorite stationary set combo. The pen is compact yet substantial and very smooth, the notebook is tactile and feels great. Makes me want to use it all the time (I am on my #3 this year) and the band straps on to the notebook to make sure the pan is always there. It’s a match made in heaven.’

Who still writes notes by hand? We are half and half in the office but for those who do, it makes all the difference to have a set that feels good and makes the simple task of writing feel luxurious and effortless. Make your favorite writers day with this stunning set.

‘I love locally made products and supporting local businesses that introduce local crafts. This Seattle based company makes fun inspirational gifts that come from the Northwest.’ Tomo Watanabe

From the Painterly National Parks Series by Lantern Press, this 1000-piece Mount Rainier National Park Jigsaw Puzzle is bound to be a family favorite for years to come. The artwork is soft and enduring and evokes those memorable experiences that only the PNW can provide.

‘I love the geometric pattern made from all the wood blocks. It’s complex yet still simple and gorgeous.’

This cutting board is a stunning addition to your food prep game. Made from teak sustainable grown in South America, it is FSC certified and made from wood leftover from making furniture, hence its end grain design. It is highly resistant to water due to its natural oils and has simple, indented handles for easy carrying. Super convenient, easy to use and a total stunner.

‘I love having music in the background, especially when at home cleaning and getting ready to have guests over. This portable speaker is so great! The sound quality is crisp, it always connects first time, and it is the perfect size and weight to easily move around – not to mention how stylish it looks!

The Marshall Action III speaker in vintage white is a discreet, striped back version of a portable home speaker that delivers great sound and ease of control with its Bluetooth technology. You can add to your home audio experience with a nod to retro styling that brings a fun element to your home.

‘I have seen this blanket in several of our styling projects and have been in love every time. They are so soft and beautiful and undeniably well made - the perfect gift for someone's home.’

Good morning luxurious throw blanket. This blanket is hand-loomed in layers of super soft baby alpaca wool and guaranteed to keep you nice and cozy all season long. Crafted in Peru, it has the added bonus of being double sided, hypoallergenic and soft to the touch as well as being made in a fair-trade environment by master weavers. We are fond of throw blankets around here!

So there you have it: a selection of our favorite things to make your gift buying job just a little bit easier this year. We hope you enjoy this holiday season and soak up the festive spirit that makes this time of year so special.

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