Interior Design
Sammamish, WA

Interiors By Popov is an interior design firm serving Sammamish, WA that offers professional services for designing customized interior spaces. Our team of skilled experts focuses on developing functional, comfortable, and visually appealing designs that meet the unique needs and preferences of each client. With our services, we aim to enhance the overall quality of life for those who occupy the space. If you’re considering a home or office renovation, our team at Interiors By Popov is well-equipped to assist you in achieving your desired look and ambiance.

We are a full-service interior design firm that offers a broad spectrum of design solutions for any space. Our team of experienced professionals possess the skills, knowledge, and expertise to create customized designs that cater to the individual needs and preferences of each client. Taking into account all aspects of the project, such as budget and lifestyle preferences, we ensure that the final design accurately reflects the client’s unique style and vision. From minor updates to complete remodeling projects, we provide comprehensive design services that assist in achieving the desired space. Our commitment to excellence and dedication to customer satisfaction guarantee that you will receive the highest quality of service.

Is it TIME TO START an Interior Design Project?

Beyond enhancing aesthetics, interior design involves creating a functional and comfortable environment that caters to your specific requirements. We collaborate with you to identify design challenges, devise solutions, and oversee the entire process from inception to completion. With our professional guidance, you can expect a space that not only looks visually appealing but also mirrors your personal style. If you aim to design a space that genuinely meets your needs, reach out to us today and witness the advantages of our interior design services.


We acknowledge that each project is one of a kind, and therefore, our team of seasoned interior designers devotes ample time to comprehend your distinct needs, preferences, budget, and lifestyle before devising a bespoke plan for your project. With our expert guidance, you can anticipate a thriving outcome for your project 

Primary Features:

– Attain Your Vision with Expert Advice and Guidance

– Inventive Solutions and Effective Problem-Solving

– Competitive Prices

– Access to Top-Quality Materials and Resources

– Comprehensive Services for Managing Your Project from Start to Finish

Whether Small or Large,
We've Got You Covered

Our team specializes in crafting stunning and distinct interiors that surpass our clients’ expectations. By accessing top-quality materials and resources at competitive prices, you can trust the final product to be of the utmost quality. We are confident in our ability to transform your vision into a reality and are dedicated to helping you achieve a breathtaking interior.

As a leading interior design firm serving the Sammamish, WA region, we provide a broad range of services that cater to any project. Whether you require minor enhancements or a complete renovation, we are well-equipped to manage all aspects of the project. Our team offers personalized consultations to aid in creating a plan that caters to your unique needs, preferences, and budget. We aim to assist you in designing your ideal space. Contact us today and begin your interior design project with us.


Maximize Your Potential

Serving Sammamish, WA, our expert team prioritizes open communication and collaborative efforts to deliver successful interior design projects. Our process begins by understanding our clients’ unique design preferences and project requirements. With this information, we create a personalized plan that includes a completion timeline and regularly update our clients throughout the project, offering expert advice and guidance as needed. We conclude by reviewing the finished project with our clients to ensure that all their needs have been met. Let Interiors by Popov turn your interior design vision into a reality. 



We created a light and airy interior by pairing modern and classic design elements
near Sammamish.