Design Counsel
September 16, 2021


Anna Popov

Design Counsel
September 16, 2021


Anna Popov

Make a Better, Brighter Workspace.

Since the onset of the global pandemic, most of us are spending more time at home, prompting many to prioritize improving the look, feel, and functionality of our spaces. Here at IBP, we like to blend form and function with design features that serve a purpose. Before we begin designing, we spend time reviewing the client’s space, and learning how it will be used so we can focus on creating a practical, functional environment.

That goes double for workspaces like the laundry room. We aim to make laundry rooms that are effortless, clean, and enjoyable. Let’s face it, nobody likes doing laundry. But that’s often because the space itself isn’t functional. Instead of fighting with the flaws in your laundry room, here are some ways we can make your laundry room work for you:

Versatility + Storage - Optimize Your Laundry Room

Often our clients want their laundry room to be multi-functional; not just for laundry, but also as a storage closet, mudroom, a pet bathing area, or a place to store outdoor equipment. In such spaces, organization and storage space can make all the difference. We usually look for space savers like wall-mounted storage systems and convertible cabinets with retractable features that can be changed up to suit various storage needs.

More Ideas for a Multi-Functional Laundry Room:

  • Create a pet grooming center: Laundry rooms can be the perfect place to incorporate a custom built-in tub and platform to spruce up your pets’ post playtime. 
  • Incorporate Counter Space: Transform a corner into a workspace that can also be used as a folding area, a spot for soaking stains and delicates, a crafting corner, or anything else you can imagine.
  • Temperature Controlled Storage: Rather than outdoor storage spaces like a garage or shed, try storing temperature-sensitive items in the laundry room to keep them out of the elements. A laundry room with built-in cupboards or shelving makes a great place to keep volatile chemicals that degrade in the heat, or bulk pantry items like dry pasta, rice, flour, and canned goods. 
  • Say Goodbye to Drips and Footprints: Laundry rooms can also function as a mudroom where the family can drop wet or dirty jackets and shoes. In addition to preventing messes, keeping everyone’s bags, coats, backpacks, and shoes together in the same place helps streamline the morning rush to get going, since the essentials are ready to grab on your way out the door.

Smart Design - Integrate Technology to Save Time and Effort

Photo of Laundry room with all white walls and floor, subtle mint cabinets and a single washer/dryer unit.
Smart home technology has come a long way in the last few years! Smart washers and dryers allow you to control settings and receive alerts right from your home hub, smartphone, or speaker. In addition, combination units like the Whirlpool All-in-One save space, time, and energy by washing and drying in the same single unit.

More Modern Conveniences with Smart Laundry Tech

  • More Control Over Settings: Smart washers and dryers allow you to choose and automate specific temperature, speed, and water use settings, right from your smartphone. The automatic control of processes simplifies the process of doing laundry.
  • Clean with Confidence: The software allows you to receive recommendations depending on the degree of soiling, color characteristics, fabric quality, and set up the completion of the process. That way, you know you’re protecting your fabrics while getting the deepest clean possible.
  • Uses Only What You Need: These energy-efficient machines go the extra mile to save water and power by allowing you to refine settings to just the right level for each load.

Personalization – Make it a Place You Like to Be

If your laundry room is all work and no play, chances are, you won’t want to spend much time in there. By incorporating creative, personal, eye-catching elements, the laundry room can actually become a pleasant space to get things done.  

Ideas for Adding a Personal Touch

  • Kid-friendly Counters: Customize the height levels of drawers and shelves for your family members so kids can get involved with doing laundry or organizing their things. 
  • Elevate the space with creative decor: Workspaces don’t have to be bland! Try using customized wallpaper or wall-to-wall tile, choosing attractive designs for essentials like baskets and mats, and/or accessorizing with art and photographs. Adding a touch of style will immediately give the interior a lively feel that’s all your own. Add a
  • Bit of Greenery: Plants soften a space and provide a natural air purifying effect. Choose plants that do well with moisture and low light such as the English Ivy, dragon trees, snake plants, and aloe – or opt for a pothos or ficus if you are looking for a low-maintenance plant that does not need to be watered often. And if you go faux, we will not judge; For more information about incorporating low-maintenance plantlife see our recent blog all about the use of stems!
Neutral toned folding area in larger laundry room

Modern tile work, photo art, and lace curtains brighten up this multi-use folding station.

Dried plants add a low-maintenance natural touch to this minimalist laundry room.

Using these elements and more, our designers can elevate anyone’s laundry room game and make it a place where you actually like to spend your time!

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