Project Highlights

Modern Transformation of a West Seattle Home

By: Anna Popov

Project Highlights

Modern Transformation of a West Seattle Home

By: Anna Popov

Seeing a project come to life is a magical moment for an interior designer. When we first meet with our clients and begin talking through the design process and brainstorming ideas, we are already envisioning an incredible transformation. Thinking outside of the box and reimagining a space can bring life and energy into a room, turning it into a retreat. Recently we worked with a family in west Seattle in a quiet neighborhood. The home is full of character with traditional Seattle craftsmanship found throughout. Our team came in to bring a modern transformation to turn their kitchen and bathroom into highly functional and beautiful rooms.

A modern transformation of the kitchen

A kitchen is often known as the heart of the home. Because we spend so much time in our kitchens, it’s important that they are designed to be highly functional as well as beautiful. From our initial conversation with the homeowners, we learned they love to cook gourmet meals and entertain. Upon entering the kitchen, we first noticed how dark and small the room felt. The initial layout made it quite difficult for two people to be in there at the same time. Our clients dreamt of having an island they can use as a buffet and also serve as seating while they’re cooking. In order to get the most out of the space and make our clients’ vision come to life, we set out to create enough space to make it feel inviting for the whole family.

Our goal with the transformation was to design a kitchen ideal for both cooking and creating beautiful memories with loved ones. We focused on brightening / opening up the space and connecting the indoors with the existing beautiful garden. In order to open the space, we needed to think strategically about structure and the existing architectural elements of the design. 

One challenge we had to work around when opening the space was a beam dividing the two existing rooms. The ceiling had two different heights that could not be changed and posed an interesting challenge. In order to ensure the kitchen flowed with two different heights, we only added upper cabinets on either side of the vent hood. This helped prevent it from feeling top heavy.  We also used the existing beam as an architectural element that helped us define the zoning in the kitchen. The beam clearly separates the cooking area and the cleaning / prep area. Often architectural elements like these are an obstacle, making it the designers job to create the illusion that they were placed there to enhance the design rather than the design having to work around an otherwise awkward element. 

When it comes to designing proper storage, we make sure to allocate enough space for all appliances, spices, china, etc. At the start of every project we inventory all items and plan allocating the storage accordingly. Every cabinet therefore has an intentional design and location leaving nothing to change upon completion.

Lighting and color to elevate the space

In order to achieve the perfect shade of green, we came up with a custom color that mixes well with brass and black finishes. The addition of a natural wood element in the island and shelves worked magically connecting the indoor and outdoor spaces. The island flows seamlessly in the kitchen allowing for more space and a central gathering zone. To elevate the design, we designed custom made corbels on the island which was an ideal way to incorporate traditional elements found throughout the rest of the home.

When it comes to lighting, it’s important to maximize the functionality of the space. For this kitchen, we chose a variety of light sources from task and ambient to decorative all working together to create a well-lit kitchen. We even added a skylight which brings in an abundance of natural light. The final kitchen design is light, modern, inviting, and functional. Every element from structural design to strategic lighting and color selections work harmoniously to create a beautiful and inviting space.

Designing the bathroom to achieve maximum function and a calming aesthetic

Our first impression of this bathroom is that the room is small and was not designed with storage or functionality in mind. We immediately went to work on a modern transformation to elevate the space. First, we reconfigured the layout blocking off a portion of the shower to add storage. We also relocated the vanity in order to open the room. With careful European touches like the unique tile carefully placed from floor to ceiling, we achieved a modern, unique, and striking aesthetic.

The part of the design process we most enjoyed was selecting the tile. We used five different styles of tile in this one bathroom, combining smooth tile, chevron pattern, decorative bullnose and flower patterns. These tiles flow seamlessly producing a gorgeous unique and unexpected outcome. The bullnose detail acts as a frame for the custom mirrors above the vanity as well as the full-length mirror on the opposite wall. With the addition of a tall cabinet with pullout hamper and vanity, we provided plenty of storage.

These elements all came together to create a beautiful, distinctive bathroom. We designed a room that not only fits our client’s personal needs but also reflects their fun and bright personality. By carefully selecting a blend of bold and clean colors and designing a purposeful layout to maximize space, we provided maximum function with a striking aesthetic.

If you’re in the Seattle area and are looking to completely transform your home or room, our team of expert designers is ready to help. At Interiors by Popov, we specialize in modern European luxury and work on projects like this one all the time. Check out our portfolio if you’re looking for more design inspiration. If you’re ready to set up a consultation give us a call today at 425-403-6060.

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