Design Counsel
January 26, 2022

Bringing warmth to Minimalism

By: Anna Popov

Design Counsel
January 26, 2022

Bringing warmth to Minimalism

By: Anna Popov

It is finally 2022 and our third consecutive year living in a global pandemic. With that being said, like the last few years we are continuing to see trends that focus on bringing functionality and comfort to our homes – making us feel more supported and at ease.

Something we love seeing is that interiors are increasingly becoming less about what’s trendy and more about authenticity, personal expression, and purpose.

As we have mentioned before, our team here at IBP doesn’t tend to follow trends and rather adhere to our tried and tested design principles and European detailing. It nice to see that some of the forecasted trends of 2022 are supporting our core beliefs.

Here are a few trends that we really enjoy and look forward to incorporating into our work…

Nature inspired materials and pieces

As different variants develop, we are continuing to see the need to strengthen our connection with nature. Bringing natural materials and pieces into the home is more essential than ever before.

We are talking about bringing you more stoneware, marble and woods with interesting graining, ceramics – classic restorative materials that will bring your space to life.

Here at IBP, we love the use of hand-selected organic materials, going to the local stone yards and hand selecting materials is one of our most favorite activities when designing homes. We look forward to incorporating more raw, porous, and imperfect materials that add depth and intrigue to your spaces.

Photo Credit: Arhaus

Colors and Textures

With lingering uncertainty in our world, we are left with wanting more warmer tones that bring a sense of comfort and refuge. As we move into 2022, we will be seeing more earthy brown hues, tones that play well with other colors and leave us with rich and timeless spaces.

We also are seeing a higher demand for textures; fluted, reeded, scalloped, and ribbed selections that are intriguing yet bring a great sense of comfort and elevate even the most minimal of palettes.

Playing with proportions to create elevated interiors

Playing with exaggerated proportions is a trend that we look forward to incorporating this year.

When talking about exaggerated proportions we are looking at statement pieces, and this can be applied to lighting and décor or even structural statement pieces.

However, something that we already implement, and you can see in our work is we love playing with the proportions of hard finishes like tile and hardware. Hand selecting pieces that draw the eye to every detail is of our highest priorities, giving a custom and thoughtful feeling to even the smallest of spaces we design.

Photo Credit: Amanda Holliday Interiors (@amandabrookeinteriors)

Photo Credit: Nainoa Architecture & Interiors (@noasantos)

Sculptural pieces

With a growing trend of organic selections comes incorporating more sculptural pieces to the home. Pieces that are more gracious in shape with curved edges that will leave us feeling safe and welcomed.

Dual Purpose Rooms

As we continue working from home, we are seeing more often the need for dual purpose rooms.

Here at IBP this is not a new concept. Functionality is key in our designs and creating spaces that work harder for us is exactly what we need during times like these.

Timeless and transformative spaces that meet multiple needs are finally in and we are loving it!

Mixing Materials

We need spaces in our home that not just bring us comfort but also inspire us. Mixing and layering materials is a technique that adds dimension to your space without overwhelming it.

Some techniques we enjoy and use in our work are the use of mis-match timber species, metals, and textures for tonal contrast.

Building spaces that are simple and clean yet hold depth and tell a story is what we are striving for in 2022.

Photo Credit: Studio McGee (@studiomcgee)


The trends of 2022 create room for a more inspired approach to minimalism. All white everything is out, and we are excited to see more conceptually rich yet simple designs develop over this next year. 

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