Design Perspective
June 27, 2020

Stylish Outdoor Living Space

By: Anna Popov

Design Perspective
June 27, 2020

Stylish Outdoor Living Space

By: Anna Popov

Seattle is known for having many rainy days throughout the year. Summer months provide warm, beautiful days and everyone living in Seattle loves to spend time outdoors soaking in the sun. The best way to enjoy your summer to the fullest is by transforming your yard into a stylish outdoor living space. Whether you’re aiming to dine al fresco, entertain, or simply enjoy a book while lounging outside, your outdoor living space can be the perfect oasis.

Health Benefits of Spending Time Outside

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the average American spends only 7% of their time outdoors. Spending time outdoors is one of the easiest ways of improving health and well being. People who are outside often are generally happier and healthier. Having a beautiful outdoor living area that is both comfortable and functional will make you much more likely to spend time outside.

Some of the many health benefits of being outside include improved memory, stress relief, reduced inflammation, energy boost, better brain function, and a stronger immune system. You don’t always have to be active when spending time outside to enjoy the benefits. Reading on the porch, doing everyday tasks on your patio, and eating meals outside are all great ways to enjoy nature in the comfort of your own space.

Best Furniture For An Outdoor Living Space

In order to take full advantage of your outdoor living space, you’ll need to design the perfect layout. Having patio furniture that both fits your needs and is sophisticated in design is the best way to indulge in beautiful summer days and nights with family and friends.

Below are our four favorite high-end design-conscious furniture brands that we love. We promise that these brands are worth every penny and will instantly turn your patio into a luxurious lounge!


Dedon is a pioneer of woven outdoor furniture. Their craftsmanship meets modern technology, bringing plenty of joyful and artsy outdoor furniture. Dedon’s unique collections offer incredibly high-quality furniture with an inspired design. What really sets them apart is how they marry centuries-old craftsmanship and modern technology in every design.

Dedon MBrace

Dedon Brixx

Dedon Dala


Gloster furniture design takes advantage of the innate characteristics of wood. They push the material to its limits by creating sophisticated, timeless beauty. Their designs offer simplicity and comfort while using the finest materials and refined designs. Gloster is dedicated to offering top quality sustainable furniture. They source their teak wood from a plantation, transition it through the sawmill and then craft completely by hand.

Arch Collection 1

Atmosphere Collection 2

Arch Collection 2


Kettal outdoor furniture is guaranteed to turn your patio into an extraordinary, photogenic lounge. Design enthusiasts love their tasteful combinations of shapes, colors, and patterns. Their furniture represents a contemporary culture and their designs are both functional and expressive. Established in Europe in 1966, Kettal’s furniture is manufactured in a small coastal town 45 km from Barcelona. Their respect for the environment is evident through their eco-friendly paint and carefully sourced wood that is protected under Perhutani certification.

Vimini and Cala

Mesh and Cala



Röshults is perfect if you’re an urban minimalist. They’re known for their stylish modular outdoor kitchens, and for their furniture line that highlights the beauty of simplicity. Their outdoor kitchens combine high-class materials with modern architecture, design and function. Röshults’ intent is to be both architecturally interesting and timeless in their design.

Garden Moore Sofa

Garden Easy Sofa and Chair

Garden Antibes Chair

Investing in an outdoor living space that is both impeccably designed and functional will give you an extension of your home that you’ll love. Since being outside is linked to better moods, creativity, and a heightened ability to focus, this outdoor living space will become an oasis that you’ll directly benefit from. With these four high-end design-conscious furniture brands, you can enjoy a luxurious outdoor space that you’ll enjoy spending time in.

At Interiors by Popov, we specialize in modern European inspired design for both indoor and outdoor spaces. We collaborate with landscape architects to transform outdoor living areas into inviting and sophisticated retreats. Whether you’re looking for a small oasis or outdoor retreat, our team of experts will help bring any vision to life. 

If you are ready to transform your yard into a stylish outdoor living space contact us today at 425-7850-6527.

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