Project Highlights

Timeless Fusion Interior Design: before & after

By: Anna Popov

Project Highlights

Timeless Fusion Interior Design: before & after

By: Anna Popov

One of the most satisfying parts about being an interior designer is seeing a room come to life. We recently were approached by a couple who bought their home in a dream location. The location was perfect, but unfortunately, the home itself was outdated and in need of some professional updating. Our team was called in to help transform their new home to create spaces that fit their needs and design aesthetics.


When entering a home, you’ll immediately have a sense of what the rest of the house looks and feels like. Entryways are your chance for a great first impression and when designed strategically can make you feel instantly at home. Before when you first walked in the home, the space was boring, plain, and quite dark. Our clients were looking for a wow factor since this is the first area guests would see.

We came in and immediately had a vision for this space. Through careful planning and strategic changes, we created an elevated space that was both tasteful and impressive. We added a captivating wallpaper with a fun palm leaf pattern and featured this on the accent wall to give it a real wow factor. Combinations of jewel-tone blues and gold accents were carefully selected to make the space feel luxe.

Dining Room & Living Room

This area was a typical dark and ordinary living and dining room space. We were immediately struck by the unique architectural features like a sloped ceiling. Our team worked to emphasize these features in the interior design and used the same wallpaper from the entry. Using the same wallpaper helped make the spaces from the entry to the dining room feel cohesive and connected. For color, we selected a neutral color scheme with gold accents.

Another part of the room we focused on was the existing windows which made the room feel unbalanced. In order to create more symmetry, we added three mirrors that replicate the windows. This made the space feel much larger and the lighting reflected from the mirrors gave a light and airy feel. The addition of a large, fun, gold chandelier in the center of the room brought balance and added to the impressive look of the room.

Finishing touches were added through soft gray drapes bringing a subtle contrast to the wallpaper and elegance of the room. The full transformation made the space ideal for an evening of entertainment with friends and family.

Family Room

The original family room was extremely dark and the clients wanted to brighten the space. The existing cabinets and floor were both deep rich red tones which only amplified the lack of light. We came up with a design that added light to the room along with directing attention to the cozy fireplace. With 3D titles surrounding the fireplace and built-in bookshelves the interior design really came to life. This space is now perfect for an evening by the fire with a great book.


Just like the rest of the existing space, the kitchen had dark countertops, cabinets, and a backsplash. The layout was not functional with little counter space and appliances laid out in inconvenient ways. Our goal was to transform the space by making it light and open.

We added ceiling height cabinets, quartz countertops, and a light grey island for a nice contrast to the white. Details like the island legs helped give the space a traditional yet modern look. Functional changes are sometimes necessary, so the space works better for your family. Their new kitchen is now functional with a larger island that can comfortably seat four. Our clients gained more countertop space and appliances like the fridge and microwave were moved to be more practical.

Real Estate and Interior Design

Nowadays it’s possible to buy a house in the perfect location and work with interior designers to turn it into the home of their dreams. According to Business of Home, real estate and interior design have always worked in tandem. In recent years the relationship has gone from a friendly handshake to a warm embrace as the cultural appetite for interior design has increased.

A reimagined space can breathe life and energy into a room and turn it into an oasis. We are always optimizing the functionality of a space while using creative design aesthetics to make rooms pop. If you’re looking to completely transform your new home or space in the Seattle area our team of expert designers is ready to help. At Interiors by Popov, we specialize in modern European luxury and work on projects like this one all the time. Check out our portfolio if you’re looking for more design inspiration. If you’re ready to set up a consultation give us a call today at 425-403-6060.

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