Project Highlights

Warm Minimalism Part 3 – Den to Dining

By: Anna Popov

Project Highlights

Warm Minimalism Part 3 – Den to Dining

By: Anna Popov


Welcome back to our Project Highlight blog series featuring our Warm Minimalism project. In today’s installment we are delving into the most dynamic part of this home – the den and dining area. But before we jump into the specifics of this unique, versatile space, make sure you’re up to date with Part 1 and Part 2 of our Warm Minimalism project.

Here at Interiors by Popov, we focus on designing functional spaces based on the desired lifestyle of our clients. We believe that your home should be a support system for your life and lend itself effortlessly to your lifestyle. With that goal in mind, the main floor of this home required some creative planning to give the homeowners a versatile, multi-use room within a limited amount of space.

The functional needs of the homeowners included both entertaining guests and enjoying intimate family time. As a townhome though, the square footage simply did not allow for a separate den area from the dining space, so IBP had to get creative. As avid readers, they wanted to display their book collection, and needed a place to sit down with a good book while drinking their morning coffee or a glass of wine in the evening. At the same time, they often hosted family and friends and have been known to hold dinner parties for up to 25 guests.

Unique Console Table – When Collapsed for everyday use, it sits compactly against the wall

Transitioning from den to dining and back had to be easy and practical, nothing cumbersome or hard to store would work. Therefore, our entire design revolved around how this space would seamlessly transform from a cozy den into an accommodating dining room.

With such distinctive functional needs, we began our research into furniture options that could help with the transition from den to dining room – enter this dynamic console table! The amazing design of the console table we chose means that most of the time, it sits beautifully between the bookshelves with a piece of art above it but when needed, it can transform into a dining table for up to 12.

It was determined that the area would be a den for most of the time, with a casual seating area for eating added to the kitchen for day-to-day meals. We set to work space-planning and ended up settling on some custom shelving for the book collection, a beautiful wool rug and 2 stunning reading chairs facing the back windows. The west-facing windows provide lots of natural light and a stunning view out to their beautiful yard and greenbelt with a ravine beyond. With natural light in mind, we added full length, light filtering, sheer drapes to diffuse the afternoon sun in the Summer and create privacy in the evenings.

Next, we included elements to assist in transitioning this space to a dining room. For one thing, we designed the everyday kitchen table to match the expanding console table’s exact height and width. That way, the kitchen table can further extend the length of the dining table when needed for larger parties. We also kept the large kitchen island free of appliances to create a serving area for food and drinks.

Simple details complete the Warm Minimalism look, adding a soft ambiance to the space.

Finally we chose some simple finishing touches, adding soft, warm ambiance while keeping the design sparse and minimal, according to the homeowner’s tastes. But the best part? At night, this entire area transforms into a glowy, dramatic room where texture and beauty abound.

Completed project photography by Miranda Estes Photography

Check out some pictures below of the mechanics of this beautiful piece of furniture and scroll down further for some Before and During photos of the space.

Photos Courtesy of AB Photo & Video


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