Project Highlights

Warm Minimalism Part 4: Powder Room Perfection

By: Anna Popov

Project Highlights

Warm Minimalism Part 4: Powder Room Perfection

By: Anna Popov

Time to move on to the next area of our Warm Minimalism project and discuss the smallest room of the house – the Powder Room. This design required creative problem solving within the existing structure, as the overall layout would stay the same. Right off the front hallway, it was already in the perfect location, with a nicely placed window for natural light. No reason to change what’s already working! Instead, we added our signature touch with updated finishes and fixtures.

European Elegance

First, we set about bringing our European influences into play by tiling the room from top to bottom. Tilling a small space can sometimes be considered cold, or overwhelming—and it’s not the standard North American style. But by considering the proportions, architecture, and layout of the powder room, we knew we could make it work in this space. Also, our choice of tile size, color, and placement allowed us to bring this room the same elegant warmth we featured in the rest of the house…


Monkey in the Middle

Now, before we get too far into the room, we should address the monkey in the corner! Yes, this unique light fitting was a bit out-of-the-box but if there is any room to take a design risk in, it’s the powder room! Besides, he adds a sense of wonder and refinement to the space don’t you think? Plus, he’s situated above a sleek, modern vanity with understated design details, so this cheeky little quirk is beautifully balanced by the simplicity of the surrounding design. 

Tasteful Simplicity

From the classic white tile to the warm wood cabinet, we focused on clean, classic comfort. For example, the design features crisply finished 90-degree corners around the window, without trim work, which enhances the effect of the tiled walls while reducing visual clutter. In addition, the subdued color palette reflects the homeowner’s desire for a tranquil home.

Finally, some simple, stylish finishing touches like an oversized Monstera plant and glass accessories finish it off to perfection.

Quirky design feature in half-bath water closet: Closeup shot of a hanging light fixture in the bathroom, featuring a whimsical brass monkey holding the lightbulb. Hung over a powder room vanity.

More to Adore

Now that we’ve covered this gorgeous little half-bath, want to see some other beautiful powder rooms? Check out our past blog, Wallpaper in the Powder Room where we curate a few of our favorite looks and discuss the design decisions and practicalities to consider in restroom decor.

Powder room before shot of half-bath water closet
Powder room: half-bath water closet before shot from hallway

Before & After: Powder Room Perfection

Vanity setup with white walls and natural wood cabinets in Powder Room after shot: half-bath, water closet

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